Sub-working Groups under the working Group On Protection and Rehabilitation of Women *
    1. Sub-Working group on Violence against Women.
    2. Sub-Working group on Trafficking in Persons.
    3. Sub-Working group on Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Women.
    4. Sub-Working group on Girl-Child.
Sub-working Groups under the working Group On Social and Cultural Concerns *
    1. Sub-Working group on Education
    2. Sub-Working group on Health
    3. Sub-Working group on Culture

In line with the Beijing Declaration, Myanmar National Committee for Women's Affairs was established on 3rd July 1996. For implementing the activities, Myanmar National Working Committee for Women's Affairs was formed on 7th October 1996. The respective working committees were formed at different levels all over the country.

To have a broad effective coverage span and to enhance coordination and linkages with the National and International NGOs, Myanmar Women's Affairs Federation was formed on 20th December 2003.

Its mission is to promote the welfare and advancement of women in Myanmar with the aim to enable them to participate fully in the national development. It is a non-governmental organization for the advancement of women in Myanmar, encompassing women of all national races and all walks of life.

Currently, there are 5.2 million members. Our mission: To promote the empowerment and advancement of women as well as to protect their life security.

The Myanmar Women's Affair Federation has the following objectives:

    1. To enhance the role of women in the reconstruction of a peaceful, modern and developed nation.
    2. To protect the rights of women.
    3. To ensure better economy, health, education and general welfare of women and to take measures for their life security.
    4. To instill and foster in Myanmar women a greater appreciation of their cultural heritage, traditions and customs.
    5. To systematically protect women from violence and provide means for rehabilitation where necessary.
    6. To diminish and finally eliminate trafficking in women and childern as a national task.
    7. To collaborate with international as well as local organiztions, in ensuring the rights of women in accordance with the local traditions and customs.